GVSA News - March 17, 2017


Upcoming Referee Certification Classes:

January 13th and 14th, 8am-12pm grade 9 entry class in Middleville;
February 10th and 11th, 8am-12pm grade 9 entry class in Fruitport;

January 13th and 14th, 1-5pm, grade 8 class in Middleville;
February 10th and 11th, 1-5pm, grade 8 class in Fruitport.

registrants for the grade 9 entry class register at EITHER: and click on the "becoming a referee" box; or; click on "new user?"

Important Update
Revision of the Laws of the Game

Age Group/Division Changes starting Fall 2016
Age Grpups will be based on birth year
This means that instead of U7 being players born between 8-1-2009 and 7-31-2010 all players born in 2010 will be U7.
U7- U15 Boys and Girls Play Fall and Spring
U16/U17 Combined, Girls Fall
U18/U19 Combined, Girls Fall

U16/U17 Combined, Boys Spring
U18/U19 Combined, Boys Spring

∑ U6 player may not register
∑ U7 may only play up one year
∑ U8-U14 may play up 2 years
∑ U15 and up may play up more than 2 years
∑ Players may not under any circumstances, play down. There is no trapped player rule because we have added U15 all year
∑ The age of the oldest player determines the team age.
∑ The administrator may determine the need to combine the U14 and U15 age groups during the High School Seasons if there are fewer then Five(5) U15 teams committed for the season.

Click here to view the GVSA Club Sportsmanship Rankings for Fall 2015

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
The minutes of all Board of Director Meetings from 2010 to date are available on-line.  Click here for a list.

Latest News
To keep up with the latest news reguarding GVSA check out our facebook page!

Finding a Team
If you are looking for a place to play for your 8-18 year old please contact one of our Member Clubs (Click on the GVSA Clubs & Contacts Button).  All teams are formed by our Clubs, not by GVSA.  If you need further information about GVSA or how to locate a Club click here.

Players Needed
Click here for a list of clubs who have notified us that they are looking for players. Also, donít hesitate to contact any of our clubs at any time to find out if they have any openings.

If you are interested in officiating in GVSA, or have questions about Officiating please check the Referees section of the website.

GVSA Office Hours
The office is usually open from 10AM-1PM Tuesday - Friday for Club Representatives only (Coaches, Managers or Parents should address questions and concerns though their Club).  All late adds require 48 hours notice for processing! Clubs have been provided with the GVSA  Phone Number for their use only from 10AM to 1PM, Tuesday - Friday.

The GVSA Office is located at 2222 Wealthy St SE in East Grand Rapids  49506.  This is at the corner of Wealthy and Bagley, behind the East Grand Rapids High School, on the second floor.
Fax:         616-451-8777

Brief Facts about GVSA

GVSA was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing a competitive youth soccer for youth teams in the Metro Grand Rapids and Lakeshore areas.  GVSA has grown from 23 teams to 386 teams this Fall, in the U8 through U19 age groups, as well as over 40 area Premier teams.
The members of GVSA are its clubs.
 If you have questions or concerns they shouldt be addressed through your Club.

The growth of GVSA has been due to a number of factors:

 *  GVSA is run professionally, impartially and independently.  It is not run nor owned by an individual club or person.

 *  GVSA is an open league - players may move freely between clubs each year and GVSA actively encourages new clubs to

       apply. Our community based clubs are the heart and soul of the league.

       We encourage kids to play by being inclusive and inexpensive.

 *  We provide multiple levels of competition and firmly believe teams should be placed according to their ability.  As the largest    

       league in out-state Michigan we provide the best competition for all teams and the best place for local players to develop.

 *  Our affiliation with the US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), the largest and most diverse soccer organization in the USA.

 *  The use of USSF licensed officials in all games.

 *  Low fees.  It costs about $20 per player for an entire year to register with GVSA and about $3.00 per game to pay officials.     

      Our team fees are amongst the lowest anywhere.

 *  When all is said and done GVSA is about kids playing soccer at the appropriate age and skill level, in a competitive yet safe

       environment at the lowest possible cost.  No where in the world does the FIFA motto of "Fair Play" mean more than in

       GVSA, both on and off the field.