Calendar 05/25/2020


Mar 2 $20 per Registration fee begins to register a Player/Coach/Manager. Coaches/Managers missing Risk Management, SafeSport Certification or CDC certification in GotSoccer will be charged a late fee. PO Box 888680, Kentwood, MI 49588
Mar 7 9:00 AM AGM 2450 Buchanan Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548
Mar 19 Pass Card/Game Sheet Distribution via GVSA Dashboard and GotSoccer
Apr 6 7:00 PM GVSA Board of Directors Meeting. **This will be a "Closed Door" meeting.
TBD GVSA Spring Season Begins
**Spring Season has been cancelled. Please look for the Return-To-Play date posted to resume practice, scrimmages or tournaments.
May 4 7:00 PM GVSA Board of Directors Meeting

**This will be a "Closed Door" meeting.
May 10 Response to the April 20th letter due GVSA Administrator
May 15 1:00 Last Day for Late Player/Coach/Manager Registrations PO Box 888680, Kentwood, MI 49588
Jun 1 Currently rostered players may commit and register with their existing Club for a Select, Premier, DA or NLC team for the 2020/2021 seasonal year.
Jun 1 7:00 PM GVSA Board of Directors Meeting 3351 36th Street SE
Kentwood, MI 49512 **location may change due to Covid**
Jun 12 Club Contact Sheet and Signed Code of Conduct (Forms are available on GVSA website) GVSA Adminisrator
Jun 12 Field Availability for Fall 2020 Due
Changes to fields after this date will incur a $100 late fee.
GVSA Administrator
Jun 13 Premier, DA and NLC Players may Commit, sign and register with a new club for the 2020/2021 seasonal year.
Jun 15 Return-to-Play **Subject to Change**
Jun 15 Select Level players my commit and register with a new club for the 2020/2021 seasonal year.
Jun 30 4:30-6pm Fall Premier Team Commitments and Registrations Due:

$600 Per Team
Completed Team Sponsorship Form
Team Roster printed from GotSoccer
Signed Player Registration Forms and Birth Certificates uploaded to SportsForms
Clubs with professional affiliation need to prove ITC for foreign born players
Coach License for new coaches
Team Folders created in the shared Google Drive withplayer forms added to appropriate folders
Teams must be enrolled into the MSPSP Fall 2020 GotSoccer Event
$10 per player late registration fee begins to register players after the deadline.
Post marked dates are not accepted as on-time payments
Jul 2 4:30-6pm Fall Select Team Commitments Due:
Completed GVSA Team Commitment via GVSA Online Division Requests entered into GVSA Dashboard
All team scheduling conflicts must be entered in GVSA Dashboard (limit one weekend per team)
Teams assigned to playing field during commitment process
Team Fees Due:
$175 per U7-U8 Team
$255 per U9-U10 Team
$315 per U11-U12 Team
$405 per U13-U19 Team
(Team Commitment Fees must be submitted by ONE Club check and need to be submitted to GVSA or teams will not be accepted. Team fees are non-refundable.
Post marked dates are not accepted as an on-time payment
Jul 6 7:00 PM GVSA Board of Directors Meeting 3351 36th Street SE
Kentwood, MI 49512
Jul 8 Elite Preliminary Divisions Post
Jul 15 Elite Divisions Final and Fixture List Posted. Teams may begin to schedule
Jul 16 4:30-6 Fall GVSA Select Team Registrations Due:
Individual Registration Form for all Players, Coaches and Managers (signed electronically or via hard copy, alphabetically. Emailed forms are not accepted at this time)
Birth Certificate or other legal proof of age and identity for all players who have not played in GVSA(Hospital and Baptismal certificates are not accepted
A minimum number of players per team:
U7-U8, 7 players minimum
U9-U10, 9 players minimum
U11-U12, 11 players minimum
U13-U19, 13 players minimum
One licensed Coach is required.
All players, coaches and managers must also be entered onto a team by the Club via GVSA Dashboard.
Coaches must have Risk Management, SafeSport Certification and CDC completed in GotSoccer.
Players may not be transferred until the open transfer window beginning Nov. 15-Feb. 15.
Failure to meet these requirements will cause the team to be dropped without a refund.
Early pass card requests and payment are due.
Jul 16 6:00 PM $10 Per Late Registration Fee begins to register a player PO Box 888680, Kentwood, MI 49588


Dates shown in Red only effect Premier Teams

Dates shown in Green only effect Elite Teams

Dates shown in Blue are GVSA Meetings
Dates shown in Lilac only affect USSF Referees
Dates shown in Orange only affect GVSA Coaches